A good investment in your life!






Couples therapy

90 min.

195 €

Couples therapy intensive

180 min.

380 €

Couples therapy power day

one day

1200 €

Individual therapy

60 min.

130 €


60 min.

150 € plus VAT

At 6 PM and on Saturdays  I charge an extra 20 Euros per session (this doesn’t apply to the Power Day). 

If you have questions in between the session, you can call me at no charge. From experience I know that this service is very much appreciated!


The evaluation of the 35 pages long questionnaire you will get from me is also included. That questionnaire helps me to get a quick grasp of your situation and to work out a treatment plan.

Insurances unfortunately don’t reimburse couples therapy. Individual therapy, however, is partially covered by private insurances.

Please ask your insurance specifically about the paragraphs 19.1; 19.2 and 20.1 of the “Heilpraktiker-Gebührenordnung.” Communication coaching is often times tax deductible. 


You can cancel or postpone sessions up to 36 hours completely free of charge. Only afterwards 130 Euros will be charged, as I cannot fill the space anymore. 


You can pay cash or by debit or credit card at the end of the session.

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