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A Power Day for Your  Relationship

A whole day of couples therapy for your relationship, from 9 to 5, or longer if needed. It doesn't get any more intense than that. Some people wonder if it's not incredibly exhausting. Yes, it is, but it's very effective! So effective, in fact, that we mostly don't need follow-up sessions.

Who Needs a  Couples Therapy Power Day?

For Couples who need urgent help

If it's really urgent and you need instant help, you should book a Power Day. The content is different to that of a regular couples therapy, plus but you get the concentrated knowledge you need all at once and can determine the pace of implementation yourselves.

For couples who want to progress quickly

Impatient couples or couples with time constraints are also welcome to book an entire day. This can also be done on the weekend to take up as little capacity as possible. But be careful: the capacity to get things implementend must then be created, otherwise our work will be useless, and you will be back here in no time!

For couples coming from far away

Couples from all over Germany and abroad have little opportunity to come to Berlin for an hour on a regular basis. They could work with me online, but many prefer on-site sessions. They take the opportunity to spend a weekend in Berlin and sometimes do 2 Power Days in a row.

What Are the Reasons for a Power Day?

There are many reasons, just as there are for regular couples counseling or therapy in Berlin or online. These can include conflict resolution, poor communication, an insecure attachment style, problems with sexuality, role allocation, different needs,  finding each other again after an affair or being in such a bad place that a separation seems likely.

What Therapeutic Approaches Do We Use?

My training is very interdisciplinary, so I have a wide range of tools to work with a variety of issues. I work a lot with Systemic Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, the work of John Gottman, David Schnarch, Ulrich Clement, Esther Perel and Sexocorrel.

How Does an Intensive Couples Therapy Day Work?

It depends on the topic and your needs, so it's not always the same. Let me give you an example of what it might look like:

We begin the day by evaluating your situation - what is your issue, what is your dynamic, what is this really about, and most importantly, what is your goal? What needs to happen for this day to be successful for you?

We then go through the evaluation of the questionnaire you filled out beforehand. This usually gives us the status quo, i.e. how is it now, what do you no longer want? What is putting a strain on your relationship? What is your partnership struggling with the most? 

After lunch, I often talk to both partners individually to get a more nuanced impression. While one partner talks to me, the other is given a task that we discuss intensively in the afternoon: what do I want instead, what do I want our relationship to look like? The two ideas are then combined into a target image and we work out the concrete ways to get there.

Goal Setting And Results

You set the goal, we work on the results together. Conflicts are resolved, communication is improved, and the partnership is strengthened. Individual and shared goals are aligned and hopefully brought down to a common denominator that both parties can live with.


Implementation strategies for everyday life are important, at least as important as acute conflict resolution. You should be able to maintain your peace in your long-term relationship yourselves. A quick fix won't do you much good, because otherwise you'll be one of those couples who, after a short time, will be right back where they were, very frustrated. And we definitely don't want that. I want you to be able to engage in ongoing self-reflection about your own behavior and your couple dynamics in the long term.

As you can see, you can do a lot in one day! If you are interested now, please call me!

Power Day

An entire day for your relationship means:

many insights and results

a suitcase full of tips for implementation

a deep understanding of each other

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please send me an email or book your appointment quickly and easily via Doctolib.

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