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What to do when your nerves are on edge?

No more time for togetherness, what now?

How do we turn two into three?

Couples Therapy for Parents

The challenges for new parents and their relationships

Many of my clients have young children under the age of seven! This is not surprising since, according to the German Federal Statistical Office, more than one in two couples have small children at the time of divorce, and 40% of these have babies under the age of one. 

Children therefore reduce the quality of the relationship many times over. Not always, but very often, because as you can see, they quite frequently lead to divorce. Of course, it's not the children's fault - it's the parents' fault who don't know how to deal with the new situation. There should be a driver's license for young parents, because nobody is reinventing the wheel and there are solutions! Nobody is to blame for the situation, and you can't blame new mothers and fathers for being overwhelmed from time to time.

That is why I am always so happy when I can help couples who recently became parents. The sleepless nights, the focus on the child, the lack of time together as a couple, the new challenges as parents and even the worsening of existing problems all affect the quality of the relationship. In many cases, the couple lacks the resources to understand each other. It's much harder to let things slide, let alone have the nerve for erotic togetherness between the midget's bedtime ritual and your own exhausted collapse on the sofa after a hard day.

Then there are issues like annoying in-laws, different ideas about parenting, or financial constraints. It's a time every parent goes through. It just takes a little perseverance. Things will get better! There are solutions for the time until the kids are out of the woods and a little more independent. I am happy to share them with you and to guide you on this journey from "two to three (or even four)".

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