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The First Couples Therapy Session

You have never been to therapy before and would like to know what happens?

You are wondering if you should prepare something?

Are 60 minutes enough?

The First Couples Therapy Session in Berlin

You have the option of working with me in person in Berlin or online. Let's start with the live sessions in my office in Charlottenburg. You choose a comforting drink like a latte macchiato, coffee or tea and we sit down (together with my dog, if you don’t suffer from dog phobia ;)) in my very comfortably furnished practice room and fill out the treatment contract. 

Then you tell me your story - how you met, what happened romantically, when the problems started to occur. So we do a quick oral couples therapy history and look at the reasons why you came to my office. These are often poor communication patterns with a lot of arguing and little understanding; different ways of dealing with emotions, a lack of willingness to compromise; problems in sexuality, etc.

The goal of couples therapy or couples counseling is almost always to improve the relationship, but opinions sometimes differ on what exactly that looks like. Even when it comes to the question of the goal. But that's okay, every opinion is accepted, no one is judged and no argument is ridiculed. It is important that you are really open minded, otherwise no one will be helped. I don't judge, I just try to get the best result for both of you.

What are your Coupoles therapy topics?

You don't need to prepare anything for the first session, but it is helpful to think about some examples of your main issues. In the excitement of a first time  therapy, you may not come up with any. It is super important to become aware of what's really happening. What it's really about. Not about the coffee cup, but about not being seen. Not about the content, but about the tone of voice. Or not so much the lack of libido, but the unfulfilled desire because of what is happening in the bedroom. I could go on and on with this list, but I'm sure you know what I mean now.

In the very first session I want us all to have this basic understanding of what is actually going on. We will then continue to work with this information. You will often be given a homework assignment to help you and your partner gain an even deeper understanding. We look at this homework in the second session.

A session usually lasts 60 minutes. Many couples therapists offer 90-minute sessions, but I can say from experience that the sessions are so intense and emotionally demanding that 60 minutes is usually enough. However, if you prefer, we can go for 90 minutes or even longer. There are even some people with time constraints who book a half or full day outright. If this is your preference, feel free to call or email me!

First Session Couples Therpay Online

Due to my media presence, I also conduct many sessions online, as many of my clients come from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and often from abroad. I am fluent in English and about a quarter of my sessions are conducted in this language.

After booking a session, which is usually done through my scheduling program Doctolib, you will receive a treatment contract and payment request the week before our session. You will then log in to our session via the link I have sent you. The content of the session will be the same as the first hour in the office. The only difference is that you will have to make your own coffee and miss my fabulous tea selection ;).

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please send me an email or book your appointment quickly and easily via Doctolib.

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